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We are proud to help our clients, in various Industry domains ranging from small to large, traditional to technology-driven, to accomplish our client's goals. There are project case studies highlighted that we have managed and worked on.

Privacy seems not an illusion for those who want to believe in the secrecy principle

Happiness has many roots, but none more important than Privacy. We showcase our ability but not showcase your client family. The identity saved could be your own. Good privacy increases your value in front of your customers.

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    The BTPL team are a pleasure to work with. They are dedicated and reliable professionals who have delivered time and again for my personal and professional projects. They continue to demonstrate superb communication skills and admirable work ethics.

    Monir M, Imperkable

    We’ve had an excellent experience working with the Bhadani Technologies team. Together we have implemented a variety of complex development projects using best practices within .NET and Javascript ecosystems. They have acted as a trusted partner, helping us rapidly, effectively and consistently scale on-demand to deliver projects on-time and within budget constraints. We look forward to continuing a long term relationship as we grow our business.

    Indran Naidoo, Itndesign

    The team at BhandaniTech are a professional group of individuals providing high quality development services. The team is very capable in developing solutions that are reliable and predictable. The solid leadership and proven track record of the head of the company, Mr. Pintu Kumar ensures that the development and final delivery of the product is within the negotiated timeline and within budget. I highly recommend BhandaniTech for your next project..

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    With BhadaniTech, you can strengthen your knowledge and experience with useful, well-understanding of technologies, tools, and engagement in all segments of BhadaniTech.

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    9 Reasons why Bespoke Software is the best option ?

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