Paper Waste Recycling Inspection App

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Paper Waste Recycling Inspection App

App assists in paper waste recycling processes. The app provides the current inspection form filled out by on-site inspectors and recreates it into a web form.

This app also gives them the additional ability to add images to the inspection via their mobile device.

The data collected through the web form, data will generate a PDF version of the inspection that is in sync with Sea files, a cloud file system, and a map of the data locations is generated that will visually display supplier information.

We have a separate interface for admin users to access a history of past reports, modify those reports, and create new inspection reports. Portal has a list of previously created/ submitted inspections with search, sort & filter features. High-level info for each inspection includes inspection date, supplier name, grade of paper, PO#.

Admin user is able to click on these line items and view the PDF inspection reports associated with these inspections. Upon editing the report a new PDF version gets created and added to the inspection folder on Seafile which maintains the history of the version.  Admin users also be able to create new inspections, upload images to the inspection, and collect e-signatures for these inspections.  The admin user also be able to access a link to the Supplier Locator Map from the portal.

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