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Quality Assurance- Mobile & Web App Development Process

In today’s fast-paced and extremely competitive marketplace, QA and testing is key to preventing errors in your software, app, or cloud-based service that could negatively impact user experience, security, or stability– ultimately, safeguarding your brand and reputation.

But quality assurance and testing is not just a cost mitigating tool. Knowledgeable and experienced QA professionals can help identify and correct the root cause of repetitive errors, prevent costly rework, and streamline development projects.

Team up with BhadaniTech to simplify and streamline software QA and testing. Our expert QA solutions help you align business goals with technical priorities, create engaging user experiences, and quickly deploy your software to market across multiple platforms and devices.

We Are Specialized

  • Our business analysts will speak your language to offer a value-added translation of your needs into technology solutions. We offer quick time to market and unique marketing strategies.
  • Set your software portfolio up for success by correctly instituting and enhancing your testing processes, allowing you to achieve both product quality and accelerated speed to market.
  • Receive end-to-end support throughout the entire development process, including creating your enterprise testing strategy, effective implementation, and successful delivery and support.
  • Maximize ROI and get better results from your existing software, while ensuring smooth performance, security, and seamless end-user experience.

Our Expertise in Testing Services

We work with other industries too testing web, desktop, and mobile applications, and XaaS solutions. Apart from sending you bug reports, the QA Madness team conducts comprehensive product analysis to suggest more ways to improve product quality. While traditional application testing methods are hampered by the arrival of DevOps and delivery times are reduced from months to weeks. The integration of development and testing into one continuous one, and the emergence of new technologies have made the role of quality engineers more enjoyable but also more challenging.


Tailor-Made builds

Cross-browser testing ensures digital confidence making testing easy throughout the software development process, and it vastly reduces visual-based test failures, regardless of the complexity or density of the page. Cross-browser testing is an integral part of any web application testing. At present, there are various browsers, and each user has different preferences, even though some of the users may work with several browsers simultaneously. Our Team of expert Testers ensures that your website should be displayed with the same level of quality on all browsers and devices. Compatibility problems are known to arise when browsers interpret standardized codes individually. To convert this requirement into reality, that is essential to ensure that integrated content–especially CSS and script code of JavaScript is cross-browser compatible.


Load and Stress Testing

Load and Stress Testing Service is a type of software testing performance that is usually associated with web applications and multi-user systems and the focus is to make the program fail in many different cases. For example, if the user feds a web browser with many input data and connections it leads to severe crashes and breakage of the network. The reason behind the happening of the crash is unremarkable. Because of these mighty reasons and consequences of the crash and corrupted data at stress testing should be managed and defined. Our QA experts implement this testing with the testing tools are designed with many attributes and managed at the time of development and customized at deployment such as WebLoad, Loadrunner, Jmeter, Apache JMeter, LoadNinja, etc.


Web App Testing

The flawless web-based application testing is one of those essentials that can’t be neglected by any business for sure and businesses must come up with web-based applications that are structurally and functionally performance-ready. With the help of web app load testing, we can identify these errors without much trouble and eliminate them before they affect end users. Faulty and defective web applications can negatively affect the business efforts leading to increased costs and loss of business reputation. Our dedicated testing team ensures state-of-the-art commercial frameworks, tools like Serenity BDD, QA Wizard, WebLoad, etc., and to save you a fortune and ensure accelerated testing while ensuring performing and repeating the required test cases.


User Acceptance

User Acceptance testing runs security and performance test scenarios to validate that your systems meet your users' requirements and business processes. This process serves as a final check to ensure the finished product is well built. But make no mistake, just because UAT is the final test conducted before production does not mean that few bugs are uncovered. To Get Smart Coders Outsource user acceptance testing services from BhadaniTech and enjoy the benefits of a consistent, industry-standard approach to user acceptance testing. We apply exhaustive testing validation and our approach aligns with end-to-end business processes, other application output, and user access to ensure that the system completely syncs with user requirements that mimic a real-world production environment.


Unit Testing

Unit Testing refers to the testing of the smallest testable modules of software application. It ensures debugging at the earliest possible stage before the software development lifecycle advances. We work on all the testing types and Our team always updated with all the types. BhadaniTech implements the best industry practices, methodologies, verification tools such as JUnit and xUnit, and many other industry standards relevant to your project needs. BhadaniTech supplies a detailed report outlining the areas of compliance and non-compliance and prioritization of areas that require solutions or improvements. Unit tests quickly remove bugs and issues. With the help of this test, you save time and also increase the quality of code.


Structural Testing

White-box testing, or structural testing, is one in which test conditions are designed by examining paths of logic and a testing method that can be used to validate whether code implementation follows the intended design, security functionality, and to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities. It provides more coverage for the testing. For example, to test a certain error message in an application, we need to test the trigger condition for it, but there must be many triggers for it. Our experts ensure that all software components are bug freehand and functioning well by Implementing high-quality testing tools JUnit, JSUnit, GoogleTest, etc. We have delivered many products that tick on all the essential checklists and examine the internal structure of the program or system.


Security Testing

Security Testing is non-functional testing that aims to discover vulnerabilities of the tested application to determine whether the data and system are safe from simulating a hacking attack and from various intruders. BhdaniTech expert QA consultants managed Security Testing Services model combines the industry best practices and decade-long expertise in software testing services delivery and provides application security and vulnerability testing services to ensure that your application is secured from both internal and external threats. Security testing is frequently associated with web software products as many different people can access a web application via the Internet.


Mobile App Testing

Our mobile app expert testers help companies to test various mobile apps – native, web, and hybrid. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest methodologies, and checklists based on platform updates to Achieve end-to-end test coverage & provide a seamless experience using 400+ mobile devices running on different platforms, OSs & versions, screen resolutions, and servers. And minimize application risks by performing comprehensive mobile app testing in a dedicated and secure setup. BhadaniTech is a thought leader in the Mobile UI Testing domain and our teams have successfully implemented test plans by using TestIO, Robotium, MonkeyTalk, and Adaptive Language Processing (ALP™) Tools for mobile UI testing for getting the best user experience.


Functional & UI Testing

Our Expert QA testers can reduce your time to market, increase test coverage, and assure new quality standards. By doing this they make sure that the functional aspects of the application work according to the requirements. Involves a simulation of the actual application replicating data and inputs wherever necessary to confirm the functionality and make that the product is usable and works without glitches. BhadaniTech offers end-to-end functional testing services using tools Xamarin Test Studio, TestMonitor, Selenium, etc. To ensure that your software behaves as it was intended, in compliance with all functional requirements and business needs. User interface testing assumes verifying the software behaves in compliance with the specification and whether it is convenient for the users to work with the software product.


Design Review

Getting products to market on schedule within budget and overcoming compliance obstacles that could threaten a product launch is a challenge in all industries. Over the past few years, we have tailored a wide variety of Design Review testing to improve UX designs, substantiated design changes, and scaled businesses to new heights. Our customers are valuable for us and their feedback and are collectively responsible for the integrity of the design review that is amazingly impacted at the technical level with access to the design team and engineering products such as verification matrices, specifications drawings, test data, simulation, etc.

Why do you need QA Experts?

To guarantee that the application is of great quality and will encounter the defined requirements of the project, testers raise the confidence of the customer that the project will be done within budget and schedule.

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With BhadaniTech, you can strengthen your knowledge and experience with useful, well-understanding of technologies, tools, and engagement in all segments of BhadaniTech.

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    With BhadaniTech, you can strengthen your knowledge and experience with useful, well-understanding of technologies, tools, and engagement in all segments of BhadaniTech.

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