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About Us

Bhadani Technologies is one of the most trusted IT software solution provider companies that provide custom software solutions to startups and enterprises. We are focused and working towards making the Client’s project successful through our specialized knowledge in building and growing the products of small startups as well as for well-established companies.

So, if you would like to run a long-term-partnership with a zeal of passion, easy-to-work-with professionals globally in your style, you’ve landed at the right place. We are not just taking your ideas to implement on your business product, there’s a lot to assess before just we start development. We implement a well-tested and corporate strategy in your project based on the balanced scorecard. We ensure your project success by providing highly experienced team members and a collaborative team environment for every project. We also provide an agile workflow to deliver you a highly efficient, qualitative, and effective product in a very quick turn around time-frames. We mainly work with companies based in North America, Africa, and Europe and that represent a wide range of industries from several fields such as Medical, Wholesale, Retail, Media, Finance, and EdTech.

We love the way we help in simplifying the internal processes for enterprises and are looking forward to hearing from enthusiasts who globally willing to digitize their solutions. BhadaniTech, well-understand the IT industry and technology, and our mission are to put our expertise on your business or organization to generate revenue, add value, and a great ROI.


Enhance Relationships

Most of the Clients often require additional managerial support to supplement their in-house development. To support these requirements, we provide a wide range of highly qualified technical staff including Software Engineers, QA Analyst, Business Analyst, Project Managers, Project Leads, and Technical Leads to support our clients in the industry.

We Offer Premium Services To Help You Succeed

We are a close-knit team of developers, designers, and projects manager who provides the most modern web and mobile technologies for your specific case and build awesome products. We believe that every great team is a union of distinctive individuals who are not only highly-skilled professionals but also eager to talk, discuss, and always keep on searching for better ways to create products. Our dedicated and self-driven team is one of the best assets because our expert team is built with passion, dedication, and zeal for excellence.


Our Peers Believe Your Engagement At Every Single Bit Of Design & Development Together

Software needs vary significantly. After getting the required information by asking for a certain set of information, we go for prototype design and beak our approach into these four distinct models. Each model is customizable that can fit your specific needs with an almost acrobatic-level of flexibility. Share your project idea with BhadaniTech; our excellent team that connects to the highly experienced software developers who drag your project to the top. It all as easy as ordering your pizza.


The goal here is to acquire an idea of which solution will he developed as well as define the scope of the project. It is useful as a first feasibility study.


Together with our clients, based on our shared knowledge we discover the business and the user goals. We create a user friendly, value creating and unique solutions.


Using agile methodology, we work in transparency, focusing on the shared trust and the achievement of project goals. We plan together and deliver every fortnight.

Quality Assurance

QA auditor coordinate with management board and project teams to assess requirements and engage in project review and status meeting.


Once you are satisfied with the software product, we will make it available to users.

Words From Our CEO

Bhadani Technologies has become a reputed brand in the IT sector in a short period. And now, BhadaniTech is an Indian-based leading IT software solution provider company for startup and enterprise companies across the globe. Our mission is to be a global end-to-end Software solution provider multinational company. Bhadani is the leading provider of complete IT Consultant Services for SME, SMB, and large enterprises worldwide. We accomplish this by developing cutting-edge, world-class software solutions and by taking both a customer-centric and employee-centric approach to everything we do. Being the best takes the best. We’re constantly growing and developing our team of passionate, dedicated, talented, and zeal for excellence. You can rely on us, our team and ability, and our promises in meeting quality standards, project delivery deadlines. We Love the way we deliver digital solutions in O3 Concept and as like we said- One idea, One team, One neighborhood we deliver the quality of work at a time.

BhadaniTech Squad

Amazing things happen when you bring people together and let them own the place. We believe that the essence of working as a bonded team is balancing work and play, so that we can thrive on what we know best; delivering great products. If you are curious about what is it like to be one of us, go ahead and check us out on LinkedIn and Facebook to see what are we up to!

Case Studies

With BhadaniTech, you can strengthen your knowledge and experience with useful, well-understanding of technologies, tools, and engagement in all segments of BhadaniTech.

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We would love to hear from you and happy to answer your questions that set your business up for success, get in touch with our team today, and leave the rest to us.

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    With BhadaniTech, you can strengthen your knowledge and experience with useful, well-understanding of technologies, tools, and engagement in all segments of BhadaniTech.

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