ContextCenter – Chrome Extn.

Facilitates customers to interact with the support team via SMS, voice call, or video call.

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ContextCenter – Chrome Extn.

The chrome extension help to attach an extension of call center functionality to their application which facilitates customers to interact with the support team via SMS, voice call, or video call. Most of many popular CRM can integrate chrome extensions like ZOHO, HUBSPOT, AGILE.

The Customer Portal is a generic call center application where Customers can talk to agents one to one and can make a video call one to one (agent to the customer and vice-versa) and can send web messages. The messages are made encrypted so that privacy is maintained. Virgil Security is used for encryption and decryption so that no third user can have access to the messages from the database.

Customer Portal support Features:
– Web Chat – One to one chat functionality.
– Video Chat Support- A customer can have a video call if they want to, video call support mute/unmute, video enable and disable the functionality.

You can also have the functionality where you want to encrypt your messages or not with the particular customer and agent. Using tools provided by Virgil security we can add end-to-end encryption to your application to secure communication. Firebase database is used to store the information and encrypted messages.



Customer Support

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