e-Learning Smart System

We provide the platform where you brush up your learning skills with out school or with school.

We showcase our ability but not showcase your client family.

e-Learning Smart System

This is an online platform that provides an afterschool/out-of-school meeting point for those seeking knowledge (education/ career/ skill) and their respective tutors/teachers. It is designed as a convergent point for both seekers and givers of knowledge (for commercial consideration) in an e-learning win-win relationship for all stakeholders.

This is a safe, secure, efficient, user-friendly, virtual platform (e-learning) where knowledge buyers and sellers meet to trade.

This includes teaching, tutoring, observation, training, storytelling, discussion, and directed research. It is a major differentiation tool between one individual and the others.

Strictly 100% online tutoring, no physical meeting, all lessons are real-time, interactive, monitored, and recorded for your reviews and examination prepping.

Earn extra income by reaching a wider audience of potential students aside from your immediate geographical location.

For Student, access and hire home Tutor/s that suits your profile, budget, and schedule and also a wide range of Tutors from primary 4 to SS3 (year11) across major subjects, Special needs education, Vocational trainings, Languages.



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