Project Memo System

The system allow for Standard Users to draft, edit, save, and submit Project Memos and Addendums to the Business Affairs department.

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Project Memo System

The web application is based on submitting a project memo to the right line that is a third-party API. This project is for the digitisation of the Project Memo System for Business Affairs department. In this application, two types of users are Standard and Business affair user, once a project memo is submitted by the standard user the business affair user assigns it to another user and submit to the right line.

This system allows standard users to draft, edit, save and submit Project Memo, and Addendum to the Business Affairs department. ​Once received by the Business Affairs department, users will be able to edit and approve Project Memo and Addendum. In approving the Project Memos, the system will pass along some of the information to the Rightline API. ​

A standard user can also create an Addendum of the submitted project for the correction and additional functionality of the project. Also, email is getting sent to the user in the time of project submitted, assigned, and accepted.

We can also access this API to sync and use other data.



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