Safe Your Ride

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Safe Your Ride

To complete the platform we have built a mobile app for drivers, this allows for a safe and secure trip every time you ride with company. Save time and money by using driver recruiting and managing services for nearly any driving position. We have gone through the challenges of finding qualified drivers all over the country and we are confident that our hiring process will work for your needs.

Portal- Administrators that oversee transportation operations need data readily available, this is why we have built a robust web-portal to access ridership statistics in real time.Some Features:

Text Verification
– Before creating your app account we need to verify who you say you are.
– Enter your phone number and wait for the sms verification code.

Account Creation
– After text verification you can now create a app account.
– Enter your name and email address to sign up.

Ticket Screen
– Show this QR Code to your driver.
– If for some reason you need to cancel your ticket press the “Cancel Trip” in the top right icon.
– You cannot cancel a trip once the ride has started.

– On this screen you can track the shuttle once it is en route.



The mobile app development industry is continuously evolving. Technology advancements, consumer demands, and a wide range of other factors have a direct impact on mobile app trends.

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