Belongings Products App – Social Exposure

Share mechanical equipment products (belongings), interests and provide significant importance of their purchased/own an Item.

We showcase our ability but not showcase your client family.

Belongings Products App – Social Exposure

Users can register and build their profile, upload photos around mechanical equipment and add captions, or take a picture within the phone or upload from the camera roll. Also, the user can provide items to upload through default categories or hashtags Process: Upload picture, add a caption, choose preset category hashtags, share to social media, and My Gear app.

This is also accessible on the web via laptop or desktop (web version). It contains the contacts like WhatsApp – highlight who has updated their gear, ability share profile, explore and search tab, commenting on photos, number of visits to a profile, etc. Also, this app is integrated with phone contact, Facebook contacts, Google contacts, and my gear contacts.


Social App

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