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Jenuen Event Booking

This is a social platform providing subscribed users a single place to find events in their local area with people who share their interests, where members are provided with the ability to book events. This Is a web application that is based on event management in which a registered customer can book an event to attend it and can create an event to invite people to it.

For hosting an event, registered people can search events which are happening around their area and filter out in terms of category, place, and date. The application helps you find the best venue that fits your needs and budget, track expenses, calculate ROI, and improve the overall efficiency of your event teams.


– Centralizing guest list data, which makes on-site check-ins and payment processing smooth and worry-free
– A user can register himself for attending and hosting an event
– A user can follow another user so that he can see another user is going to a particular event where he is going.
– A user can buy a plan for hosting N number of events and a user can search, event is happening around his locality in terms of distance, date, and place, by clicking on a particular event user can see details of that particular event such as locality, who is coming is that event and description of the event and many more details.


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