Online Music Quiz Platform

A TV show that allows music lovers to test their lyrical knowledge of music.

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Online Music Quiz Platform

A Gameshow is a TV show that allows music lovers to test their lyrical knowledge of music across a variety of genres and in the process stand a chance to win cash prizes.

A Game is an entertaining, interactive, and simple-to-use Musical game that allows real people with real passion, play, and have fun by testing their knowledge of Music lyrics. It will also serve as a vehicle for recruiting or auditioning candidates for the TV game show.

There are Twelve (12) Contenders would be shortlisted to play on each game of the show. Out of twelve (12) Contenders, one player is randomly selected ( via a music quiz) to play against the other eleven (11)(Krowd) for a chance to win money just by their knowledge and understanding of songs.

Treasury: is where all the money won as the game progresses on a game is banked pending the determination of who (Player or members of the Crowd) takes it.​

Task Editor: A system user who has the privilege to manage Tasks on the control system and is also responsible for uploading of the songs+ various Tier points; displaying the Lyrics of each of the selected songs based on a prompt from the control system.



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