Online Game TV Show

Our target is promoting Sciences among secondary school students.

We showcase our ability but not showcase your client family.

Online Game TV Show

The TV Show is targeted for Senior Secondary School students and is targeted at promoting the Sciences among secondary school students. The candidates are registered by their school online with each school allowed to register a maximum of 6 students.

The registration of candidates for the show is done via an online portal. The end-user facing side of the portal MUST be responsive and accessible via mobile devices.

The TV Show will be in 3 stages – Groups, Semi-final and Final. There will also be variations of the show for special editions in which there would be either 2 stages (semi-final and final) or just one stage (final).

In the standard game show format, the 81 qualified candidates will be seeded into groups of 9 using the scores of their exam results. The candidates will be grouped in a round-robin format using their examination score and alphabetic order of their surname. The top 3 in each group then advance to the semi-finals which will also consist of 3 groups of 9 contestants. The top 3 in each semi-final group then advance to the finals in which the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are determined for a season.

The qualifying process in each stage is the same and consists of 2 levels (Foundation Level and Advanced Level). Foundation Level is a series of 12 multiple choice questions and Advanced Level is preceded by Take-a-Turn in which a puzzle which is displayed on all the contestant’s screen.

At the end of Advanced Level, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are displayed



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