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The Quiz show aims to promote academic excellence in schools.

We showcase our ability but not showcase your client family.

Quiz Web Portal

A TV Quiz Show is an entertaining quiz desktop application. It will be a TV channel quiz show for students in Secondary Schools to assess their intelligence and celebrate out-standing students across Nigeria. The show will initially focus on Mathematics and subsequently include other subjects in the future. The quiz show aims to promote academic excellence in Nigerian schools and quiz questions are based on the school curriculum for both junior and senior secondary school students.

Every year, there will be one season and each season of the quiz show will have 13 episodes covering different stages of the competition.

There is also a game show that has been designing for the same quiz show which has similar features to the Quiz show. The game has been designed for native mobile apps (iOS & Android) and the web and it also helps to promote TV Quiz Show. There is also have a mathematical graphical question like reasoning and covering 12 episodes for different stages of the competition.



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