Social Media Platform

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Social Media Platform

It is a hybrid mobile application. Users see all social feeds like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and Daily Fortnite Mobile content! Expect high kill gameplay, tips, and tricks, and funny moment montages to be uploaded to this channel. The Influencer App features posts of an individual Influencer from select social media sources. It is branded with the logo and color scheme of the Influencer. The app is built in a way that it can easily be duplicated for other influencers.

So the layout and structure of the pages are not specific to the content of an individual. The social media sources we use Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

The app can manage the URL of their channels through the backend portal and update their profile information and theme settings.

They work for famous Influencers on youTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Some features:

1- Get the data of a particular influencer by using third-party APIs like Google, Instagram, and Twitter API.
2- Influencer can share their post on Instagram, Twitter, and youtube in a single application.
3- If users click on any post in the app then they redirect to a particular site for login and then they like and comment on that particular post if they want to like and comment.
4- All social sites have their different tabs where you can see their different posts according to social sites.


Social Networking

The mobile app development industry is continuously evolving. Technology advancements, consumer demands, and a wide range of other factors have a direct impact on mobile app trends.

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