Tourism Web Portal

Booking travel website e-commerce functionality for the travel industry.

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Tourism Web Portal

The website includes eCommerce capabilities, and ensures universal mobile device compatibility.

It has beautiful images to play a big role in the website design and experience-based businesses, the allure of eye-catching visuals to give visitors a taste of what they could be a part of. A mild semi-transparency behind the main menu combined with handpicked and precisely cropped wide-angle shots allows featured images and opening text to shine.

A visitor scrolls down the page, each section is appropriately prioritized. The website also used the appropriate quantity and placement of negative space or whitespace. This ensures the site is visually optimized for mobile devices.

The website also has e-commerce functionality for the travel industry. Booking travel packages included seasonal airfare prices, departure cities, number of persons per hotel room, and deposit collection. It has its custom algorithms and user experiences in the booking process.

On top of standard CMS features available in WordPress and WooCommerce, we have added our features. One such feature was a toggle that allows product pages to switch back and forth between eCommerce and call-in purchase options. Another feature made it possible for the team to update its product list without technical assistance.

It is an attractive and strategically functional website design, created with detailed and easy-to-use eCommerce integration, and ensuring website longevity through mobile optimization. Furthermore, the website ran some nationwide advertisements, operability thrived under the high website traffic.


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