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August 21, 2019 | Mobility Solutions


How Mobile technology is shaping the concept of mobility in the industry?

“BhadaniTech has taken a step towards bridge-builders,” says the CEO of BhadaniTech. “Bhadani is lending startups a helping hand from a very initial stage and establish ties with strong partners.”

BhadaniTech vision behind this step is to solve the global challenges through enhanced cross-border collaboration and nurturing an ecosystem that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Businesses all around the world are embracing digital transformation to deliver new memorable, personalized experiences.

How does the Mobility Innovation Map reveal Emerging Technologies in small ventures?

Today Businesses are finding a strategic partner who can help them make the right decision at the right time is a big challenge. BhadaniTech is a global platform that enables small ventures and large scale businesses to take their solutions to a wider audience, newer markets, and potential partners. And also helps Businesses all around the world in adopting digital transformation to deliver new memorable, personalized experiences. 

How Mobile technology is shaping the concept of mobility in the industry?

Among all the industries where technology has become a defining factor and is taking the industry by storm, the one that is bringing in the most significant transformations across the world is mobility. In the past few years have seen mobile devices being used for only making calls to a device enabling individuals and organizations to carry out their day to day activities easily. Mobility is now helping banks and other domain Industries leverage contextual data to reach out to their customers highly effectively. Mobility solutions for Banking and other domain industries focus on improving their customer experience, reducing risk, and achieving productivity improvements and cost reductions.

 How Mobility solutions are changing the dynamics of the logistics industry? 

The survival of the logistics industry over the past few years is all thanks to the technology that it leverages and thereby evolving with time. Timely investments in technology and putting it to best use through supply chain management are strategically imperative to growth.
The growing complexities, competition, and changing user demands in a new era push the logistics and supply chain industry to try out the latest aspect of technology – mobility solutions. They try and leverage mobility solutions to help to streamline their delivery times, and maintaining schedules while gaining control over real-time data collection.

 Enabling the Experience Edge

Technology innovation is increasingly critical to create extraordinary digital experiences for people—and to drive sustainable advantage for the business. It’s what connects people, devices, and IoT to the digital world.
But a solid network foundation is not enough. To meet the increasing demands of the business and growing user expectations, IT must be able to scale its resources by finding an easier way to deliver improved and consistent service levels. Delivering on this demand means not only having a state-of-the-art network but giving IT the ability to proactively anticipate issues in a highly effective environment before they impact users and the business. 

 Ringing in a new era: World ready for next phase of growth in mobile Tech Solutions

Today from requesting appointments to invoicing to signing off on reports to notifications sent from IoT-connected machines can be done on mobile. And mobility allows field service techs to communicate directly with users. Mobility in the future will continue to be developed so that client engagement increases. As mobile devices continue to expand beyond the smartphone and virtual reality gear, technicians will have even more ways to communicate with customers and the back office and keep customers engaged while they fix equipment.

 Reduce Time to Market and Achieve Optimal Efficiency

The choice of connectivity determines the planning, materials, build features, build quality, and flexibility of a manufacturer’s digital foundation. This adds to the possibilities and ultimately increases the value it brings to their operations, enabling smarter resource management. It affects which equipment and operations can be connected, how many assets and processes can run simultaneously, and how well it scales beyond one geographical site to achieve optimal efficiency. Mobility is helping with data gathering, and manufacturers are applying advanced pattern detection and predictive analytics to simple steps to get ahead of production cost trends and generate good market speed.

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