How to Choose the Best Live Chat System for Your Business

August 27, 2021 | How to Choose the Best Live Chat System for Your Business

Best Live chat software helps online businesses offer instant customer service and support to website visitors online. This customer support tool gets easily implemented on the websites. It helps companies capture leads, connect with visitors in real-time, engage in detailed conversations, and understand if they’re market-qualified prospects for business or not. Most of your customers prefer chatting over calls. It gives them time to think over their messages and does multiple things at once. A live chat helps increase service quality and customer satisfaction.

With the detailed list of must-have features in a live chat tool, it is time we help you choose the best live chat software for small businesses and that for enterprises with the proper criteria. Understand that irrespective of the size of your business, you’ll need a set list of criteria that helps encourage you to choose the best website chat services for your business efficiently. In addition, before you choose a live chat tool, you need to understand the devices in the market so that you can select the best live chat software for your business goals.

Let’s explore them below.


How are you supposed to choose the one that bests Live Chat Software your specific customer demands?


 Ensure that the live chat platform and software you choose can grow as your site grows. Customers are no longer content to submit their questions via email or wait for their turns to speak with company representatives on the phone.

The desire for instant access via chat will likely increase exponentially as the industry expands in the coming years. And the live chat is making inroads in many different sectors, with a detailed understanding of how the best live chat software empowers you to respond to customers quickly with their account details at your fingertips and how it can help your business.  


Lightens customer support load


If you opt for live chat software with a chatbot, you’ll benefit from choosing a software that can field common questions before involving an agent. For example, choosing software with features like your chatbot can answer common questions like “How do I update my account information?” Then, if an agent is needed, the chatbot can add an agent to the chats to reduce your agents’ work pressure and free them up to answer more complex queries.


Additional Information

Live chat gives you additional information that multiple teams can use. For example, live chat software can provide you with information on browsing history, referring URLs, conversion rates, and more. You can also use conversation tags to see how different types of conversations or customer questions impact revenue.

Your customer support team can use this data to improve help docs, chatbots, and customer interactions. Your marketing and sales teams will be able to identify trends in behavioral data to enhance on-page content, ads, and email marketing strategies. Finally, the product team can diagnose common pain points to add or change product features.




Choose live chat software that smoothly integrates with your existing business processes and consider all platforms it offers in the integration option. Ask them if they offer CRM, CMS, help desk, knowledge base, social media, analytics, eCommerce, email marketing, and other integration options or not. Websites can be run from various platforms, like Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Make sure that your chosen live chat system integrates seamlessly and hassle-free with other applications as needed. When reviewing live chat companies for your business, you must explore the number of integrations it offers. 


Chat Forms

If the top-rated live chat software you plan to use offers you the option to add and customize different chat forms, then do not hesitate to onboard it. These various live chat forms should be inclusive of:

  • Pre-chat form – One that helps you capture leads in real-time
  • Offline message form – One that enables you to capture support requests in your operator’s absence
  • Post-chat form – One that enables you to capture feedback for the support process created by the operator


Compatible with – mobile devices?

Without smartphone compatibility, the software doesn’t stand a chance of making inroads in such a crowded marketplace. Monitor your visitor’s behavior in real-time and find opportunities to connect with them proactively with live chat support apps. With real-time monitoring, you get an idea of when operators can extend support to customers, understand traffic patterns, and identify which pages end up getting more engagement. If you want to go to where people are, then that means being available on their smartphones. Make sure your live chat software is available on the go, and you will stand a much better chance of getting their attention.



With the right features at hand, you can quickly test and evaluate your chat with customer and staff feedback and optimize it. The live chat software you implement should come with reporting capabilities that allow you to assess agent performance, gauge customer satisfaction, and better understand when your chat feature is being used. If you can’t meet customer expectations, you won’t reap the benefits of live chat and might even sour the customer relationship. Be sure you have enough staff coverage to engage with customers in real-time.

To get the most out of live chat, you should also have the capacity to analyze live chat data to improve the user experience continually. Then, integrate learning from live chat across the organization.


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