Flutter for Building MVPs – What makes it an Optimal Choice?

August 10, 2020 | Flutter for Building MVPs – What makes it an Optimal Choice?

In the technology domain, it’s not an easy task to develop a product and launch it successfully. Development time is the most prioritized factor we need to consider while developing any application. Before any product launches, it must go through the testing phase for its validity, performance, and feasibility. A Minimal Viable Product is a bare minimum of features for your product with which you’re expecting to solve a problem. It will surely help you save from the money loss and damage to your reputation in the market.

Why Flutter is Ideal for MVP Development?

If you are planning to develop any mobile application, you are surely opting for the best mobile app development frameworks that fit your organizational goal. There are so many mobile app development frameworks available in the market, you might get confused about which framework to choose. But now keep your worries aside. Because Flutter is one of the most crucial and ultimate solutions for MVP that can take you towards your goal to win. Flutter is one of the fastest and most utilized approaches for startups around the world to validate a business idea. Utilizing an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) to test out the market is additionally a tremendous and quick step to avoid potential disappointment. To avoid these disappointments, you should opt for the idea of building an MVP application. This ideology is especially recommended for start-ups and small-medium enterprises.
The second step involves a minimum viable product, based on its basic features. This will give an overview of your product to the customers and help you get their valuable feedback. Now, we can answer the question of “Which technology is the best for this approach? “That’s when preferring Flutter for MVP development becomes essential. As start-ups and small-medium businesses have limited budgets and resources, this approach will help to validate their vision. Also, you will be able to research, outline, and collect potential requirements of the market while saving your business from any major loss.

Why is an MVP Necessary?

MVP development helps companies understand the interests of potential users by creating an initial version of a product with just the required functionalities. MVP is developed to bridge the gap between “what the business is offering to customers and what they need.” An MVP can be defined as a simpler version of your software that can solve your problem because it helps save time and effort and helps start-ups get a better understanding of their entrepreneurial venture, or idea, without too much investment. The software ​_development time needs to be as short as possible. Companies waiting long to develop these products are susceptible to high competition.
An MVP serves as a tool to realize the true potential of a given idea. Accordingly, you can plan the right direction for steering your business.
MVP development helps companies:

  • Reduce development costs
  • Evaluate their project/idea
  • Collect feedback from intended users
  • Save time and efforts
  • Engage potential investors

Another core benefit of using an MVP is that brands can promote their products earlier. In the process, they can reach out to the early adopters much faster.

 What Makes Flutter an Ideal Choice for MVP Development?

Like every piece of software, MVPs have their unique features each. Since the Flutter community enjoys direct support from Google, it is vast enough to support any kind of product development. Over the future, Flutter has become popular for enhanced features, bug fixes, and widgets. Being open-source, it complements MVP development whether it is for startups or established firms. Flutter is the best decision for app developers under the following conditions.

  • If you need a cost-effective solution to run your application, integrating evolving technology
  • App developers looking forward to building apps in a reasonable way, with seamless rendering and features prepared for the market
  • In case you need to come up with expressive UIs, Flutter brings you the best platform

Building exceptional and high-performance mobile apps need decent support from SDKs like Flutter. Now, it’s time to discuss why Flutter is an ideal choice for MVP development.

  • Development of a Cost-Efficient Mobile App

This has facilitated up the process of working on both the platforms and one can at the same time to develop apps, reducing cost. While developing native apps, you may end up spending a lot on the team of iOS app developers and Android app developers individually.
It supports the development of cross-platform apps, where the developers must write a single code base. This serves the purpose of both Android and iOS platforms. Besides this, Flutter allows you to make valuable integrations. Developers can export the sketch design directly into the pixel-perfect codes. Despite making changes in the visuals, developers can prioritize delivering the value.

  • Expressive and Flexible User-interface

Flutter carries what Google is popular for; the expressive and flexible UIs to elevate the customer’s experience. For e.g, Flutter owns the built-in widgets for the material design, Cupertino and default animations for normal scrolling, rich motion APIs, etc.

  • Best Native Performance

Indeed, if you have a large budget to spend on mobile apps, you can go ahead and hire separate teams of Android app developers and iPhone app developers.
But if you are on a budget and want to develop hybrid apps, most of the frameworks will compromise with the performance, thereby undermining the app’s user experience. Whereas apps built with Flutter give a quality performance. The apps run via natively compiled code without the interference by interpreters, therefore, start quickly to maintain a constant 60fps speed. In short, if you plan to develop the MVP of your application using Flutter, it will have the ability to provide native experience to the users.

  • Expedited App Development Process

App development using Flutter provides a quick turnaround time. This is because the SDK comes packed with the hot reload functionality making it possible for the developers to review the app changes in real-time. When any change is made in the software, the developers can see it immediately. Therefore, the app development process becomes faster and easier.
Flutter also fosters a closer collaboration between designers, developers, and testers, when they need an immediate change, enhancing the look of the app. Developers take very little time to create when they choose to build an MVP with Flutter. The SDK comes packaged with a hot reload functionality that makes it possible for them to view the changes made in-app code appear on the screen simultaneously. This, on an overall note, makes the app development process fast and easy. Through Flutter, it also becomes possible to create a close collaboration between the teams’ developers, designers, and quality experts, especially when an immediate change is required to enhance the quality of the app.
The hot reload feature that comes by choosing Flutter for MVP application development also enables developers to add new features and fix bugs within minutes. The experimentation process becomes faster, as the new version does not have to be coded entirely.

  • Straightforward Integration with Firebase

There is no need to have a separate backend for developing a simple MVP. Firebase offers out-of-box support for plenty of services like cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, hosting, authentication, etc. Flutter SDK comes with the provision of very little coding, for almost all of the codes get shared between iOS and Android apps. This, as a result, lowers the numeric value of the Flutter app development cost estimate to a great extent. Since Flutter is the brainchild of Google, it provides high reliability and comes with the backing of massive community support. The Flutter app developers don’t require any powerful machinery and can arrange the setup almost seamlessly. 

Flutter a Good Choice for Startups and their MVP Development-

Developing and launching a successful mobile app is not an easy task. Minimum Viable Product development aims to create a simple and working version of a product idea. Every concept is distinguished, and hence it requires specific testing for validity, market performance, product functionality, and feasibility before the launch. Especially for start-ups, it is significant to gain popularity with a unique product. For this, in-depth research for the core idea and the key solution is required. The minimal amount of resources — capital and labor are put into Startup MVP development. As a result, it is also expected to take far less amount of time than full-fledged product or software development.
MVP development also has other benefits like:

  • Attracting early adopters for product testing
  • Validated learning — helps know the customer wants
  • Resource-friendly — saves time, labor & money
  • Minimal errors in final product development

Several global brands that we know today have to scale their revenues with the help of MVP development. Startups that Implemented an MVP to scale smart- mobile app development. In the startup environs, MVP development needs to happen at a rapid pace. At the same time, the MVP must also be made presentable. After all, it is based on the MVP’s performance that the startup founders will be able to gather more funding for taking the business forward.
With such expectations in mind, Flutter offers several key benefits that can help in building the perfect mobile app. Having all said it’s time to dive deep into the technical aspect of why Flutter for MVP development should be your first choice. Let us explore:

  • Build Multiple Apps With One Framework

Web, mobile, and desktop. Android, iOS, or Windows. Flutter lets you build applications for any platform or purpose. In other words, you need just one app development framework to bring your ideas to life in multiple channels. In other words, Flutter is a cost-effective means to build applications for various channels. There is no need to engage multiple specialists or teams when one Flutter professional or team is enough to build multiple applications. Isn’t this what every startup founder yearns for?

  • React Inspired Modern Framework

React is a JavaScript library that has a massive developer pool. It easy to find developers who can code and build applications to React. Flutter comes with a modern framework that is inspired by React. Developers can choose to use the framework entirely or use only parts of it that are necessary for their app. Rest assured, you won’t face difficulty in finding developers for your Flutter development project.

  • Top-notch App Performance

Apps built using Flutter offer top-notch performance. Since thee apps run via natively compiled without any interference by interpreters, they start quickly and also maintain a constant 60fps speed. For a startup, an MVP built using Flutter can run at speeds that are at par with full-fledged products.

  • Built-in App Campaigns

“How do I distribute the apps built using Flutter?” Every startup founder is bound to run into this doubt at some point in time. Flutter lets you promote your apps on multiple platforms including Google Play, Search, Gmail, YouTube, and also the constantly growing Google Display Network. You can avail of a $75 credit when you spend $25 on app campaigns.

  • Continuous Improvement

Flutter offers a dynamic app development setup. It has a dedicated widget engine and UI components that resemble native platforms. It comprises a dedicated widget engine and UI components resembling the native platforms. The widgets are also flexible when it comes to customization and are aesthetically designed. Flutter carries forward what Google is renowned for. Expressive and flexible UIs that elevate the customer experience. Flutter has its built-in widgets for Material design and Cupertino as well as default animations for natural scrolling, rich motion APIs, etc.

  • The Super-active Flutter Community

When building an app with Flutter, help is never difficult to find. The super-active Flutter community is active with contributors from inside and outside Google. The community is spread across several platforms including GitHub for raising tickets, Meetup for finding the next event near you or engaging in Q&A conversations in Stack Overflow, Medium, Slack, YouTube, and several other online mediums.


It is always recommended to start with the basic model and limited features, especially for startups. Additionally, it will allow you to promote your product earlier. Using this approach, you can easily reach out to your target audience. And as soon as you will get a clear picture of the users’ preferences, you can improvise the end product accordingly.
BhadaniTech is a mobile app development company leading globally. MVP development services are one of the areas of expertise.
We have helped more than 20+ startups to turn their ideas into market-ready and scalable products and solutions with our MVP development services. With client preferences along with native, we deploy Flutter for MVP development as it is swift, development-friendly and also helps build visually aesthetic apps within a short period.

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