Top Most Trends to watch out the Future of Mobile Application Development

June 2, 2021 | Top Most Trends to watch out the Future of Mobile Application Development

There would be growing demand for mobile applications to support those consumption requests for various purposes. Therefore, we are architecting a digital-physical world for a Better Future.

Within just a few years, smartphones have become our consistent partner and that’s why the mobile app development business is touching peak heights.

Every second business is aiming for taking a place on mobile phones to reach their users and scale their audience base. Many app development companies are forced to survive in the harsh competition that exists in the market, also they have been providing some of the revolutionary solutions globally- not just for small businesses, but also for international governing bodies. You can’t ignore that mobile app development has given increased revenue also and as per the sources report, you can expect $580 billion in revenue from mobile apps by 2020. They are forced to think outside the box and stay up to date on any new technologies to stay in the market.

On this aspect, they are following every new trend of mobile app development. Hence, in 2022, things will not change and we can observe many new mobile app development trends to simplify the lives of users.


What will you get with new mobile app development trends?


Mobile App Development companies are following the new technology trends, they initially trigger our imaginations and we start considering them as what we experience is always much better than our imaginations. New features & functionalities that are not just advantageous to the users but are also highly productive and have higher ROI for the business.

The mobile app developers bring these trends to users through mobile app development that will invite more users to reach the heights. Thereby businesses strengthen their user base. Their Business analyst team conducted thorough research, then they ended up with a list of the most promising mobile app development trends that you should stick to in 2021. So let’s begin to discuss the important mobile application development trends that we can observe in 2021. 


  • Blockchain is expanding on the Android segment

This technology records the information in such a way that it makes it highly difficult or impossible to change or hack that system and most people not knows in detail about blockchain technology. Blockchain is a great technology that has made its way to the mobile app development segment and is beyond IT and cryptocurrencies. Decentralized apps are another example of Blockchain that don’t require a mediator for managing their information. It can connect the audience & providers directly. Thus, nobody else can perceive the data.


  1. Enterprise Mobile Management

Enterprise mobile management is a set of people, processes, and technology using mobile computing for streamlining businesses. The main dimensions of EMM are security, application, and financial management. It also includes mobile device management, mobile application, application wrapping and containerization, and some elements of enterprise file share and synchronization. Such tools will mature, grow in scope and eventually address a wide range of mobile management needs across all popular Operating Systems on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Thus, EMM represents the future evolution and convergence of several mobile management, security, and support technologies.

We cannot deny that mobile applications have become an integral element of the digital ecosystem, available on major platforms like iOS and Android are moving towards providing a user experience. The rise of technological innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality is narrowing the gap between invention and reality.

Mobile app development companies that have some of the best developer’s concentration in the world are identifying this trend to only grow in the near future. The skills required in building customer, user, buyer apps are in greater demand than ever now compelling businesses to take mobility seriously. 


  1. Integrating AR/VR

Right from science fiction novels and movies, we have always been fascinated by the arrival of these technologies. Augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR) have always been intriguing for people. In 2019, many mobile apps already have shifted to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and these apps not only belong to the gaming or entertainment arena. AR and VR have been integrated by many developers to provide real-time solutions- So, No need to worry. 


  1. Mobile Wallets

The hike in online banking, Fintech and eCommerce has added value to the outstanding development in online payment options available for all users. And with the arrival of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, clients are slowly moving to mCommerce.

However, Blockchain is entering into mobile payments to strengthen the apps with safer money transaction processes.

Why should you integrate a payment gateway into an app? Previously plastic money replaced cash and now the plastic money will be replaced too. As the economies of different countries are turning digital, users don’t prefer to pay in cash or type the account or card details frequently. They prefer to make the payment through the in-built mobile wallet for rapid transactions.

By integrating popular payment gateways with mobile wallets, the payment process becomes rapid and smoother.

Mobile wallets such as Gpay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Paytm, Apple Pay, etc. Apple is also working to empower the peer-to-peer money payment system. Alongside these options, there will be more developed mobile payment options in 2021.

Some forthcoming Future Trends for Mobile Wallets:

  • Audio-based mobile wallets
  • Near-field communication (NFC) based payments
  • Radio-frequency identification payment
  • Safer and more secure mobile wallets

Additionally, in mobile wallets, encrypted security ensures the safety of users’ money. The rush in the mobile wallet trend is because of the hike in the online payment systems that need quicker and more secure channels for money transactions.


  1. Virtual Events Streaming

Just a few years ago event apps were the event industry’s hottest growth trend, spawning hundreds of startups. In fact, leading research had predicted that the market size of mobile event apps was projected to nearly double from approximately $5 billion in 2015 to $10 billion in 2020. Today, growth in mobile has slowed to a crawl, and the category has lost its luster. But, we’re here to argue that the mobile story is just beginning. In fact, mobile apps will increasingly become more central to virtual event experiences and are poised to usher in a data-centric renaissance for the industry when live, in-person events come back strong in 2021-22.

Data will transform the industry; it’s not a matter of if, but when. COVID-19 is often seen as a “great accelerator,” and nowhere is that truer than in the event industry. Virtual-only events have shown that digital experiences are at the very least, ‘good enough,’ and as the technology gets better and becomes more ubiquitous, data will continue to play an increasingly important role.

We’ve never been more bullish on the event industry, nor the role of mobile in its future, because it is the only way to capture engagement data at scale and in a way that unifies virtual and real-life experiences. What is still needed are ways to unlock the value of that data, not just as “moment-in-time,” general reports, but also as actionable intent signals that can be integrated with other systems to power marketing and personalization campaigns.


Key Takeaways

Before choosing any of the best mobile app development platforms, you have to initially consider your targets and then your project resemblance to them. For now, trends such as AR, VR, Blockchain, and more are new developments in technology every day. Thus, the future of Android development seems more challenging but technology advanced.

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