How Hospitality Mobile Apps Embracing the Hotel Industry?

July 15, 2021 | How Hospitality Mobile Apps Embracing the Hotel Industry?

How Hospitality Mobile Apps Embracing the Hotel Industry?

Hotel reservations are increasingly made via M-Commerce. Mobile app solutions include payments, fidelity/rewards, indoor navigation, and product comparisons are available in many hotels. The quality of the mobile app and the digital tools offered by a hotel impacts the hotel booking decision for travelers. Now tourism becomes more innovative by utilizing the power of smartphones and tablets to provide current and prospective travelers with enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and convenience across every stage of travel. Hotels that incorporate Hospitality Mobile Apps and functionality into a hotel stay have higher guest satisfaction, and are more likely to increase their number of direct bookings when they focus on mobile.

Here are some reasons how mobile apps are improving the hospitality industry.

  • 74% of people prefer booking hotels through apps, swearing about its ease and convenience and which shows a massive Customer Base for the Hotel Industry.
  • Approx 70% of the last-minute hotel bookings are done using mobile devices 
  • motel-based Mobile apps help 70% of the travelers make booking decisions it helps provide Instant Access to Information
  • 88% of hotel guests wish they have a mobile app for hotel booking since they offer a personalized experience and get better Staff Productivity.


The Significance of Mobile Apps In The Hospitality Industry

Findings indicated that users preferred an easy-to-use mobile website design and structure, as well as simple information on hotel mobile websites. Users perceived all functionality dimensions as significant. Thus, an excellent hotel mobile website should present simple information while providing users with access to detailed information if necessary.


POS Systems

When point-of-sale systems operate as apps on mobile devices, they make the entire transaction mobile, and scalable to any size business. Here are three of the best mobile POS apps. Revel is a system designed to switch seamlessly from cloud-based interaction to offline functionality. POS is designed to handle not only on-site transactions, but delivery, takeout and even food truck operations.Almost 85% of international tourists carry mobile devices or mobile phones during their travel.


Keyless Room Entry

Over time we got to experience that although they are reliable & cheap, they are prone to risks like theft, cyberhacking, key loss and demagnetizing. In addition, these cards must be disposed of with care, increasing disposal costs and waste at hotels. 

When you have the mobile app or the faceID check-in enabled, the next thing a guest would expect is to receive a digital room key. Turning your guests’ smartphones into room keys is not only a time saver but also eliminates unnecessary contact with hotel staff. Keyless entry is extremely convenient as all your guests will have to do is open the app and press unlock. 


Streamlining Service

There are apps that focus on making hotels run more smoothly. It also links with the mobile devices of guests and customers. Users can send push notifications to specific people to disseminate targeted information.

If a customer looked at the spa but didn’t make a reservation, for example, you can use ease hand Hospitality to send them a reminder.

From casinos to local hotels, Hospitality Mobile Apps can coordinate back-office activities such as bookkeeping, streamline transactions with POS integration and act as the driving force behind marketing campaigns and promotions.

By nature, the hospitality industry is mobile and fluid. The right apps can help businesses make employees more effective and use resources more efficiently.

Pronounced Sales and Marketing Opportunities

It is a well-known fact that up-selling is an important trend within the hotel management sector. This strategy works especially well during the initial stages of the booking process. Guests can be presented with unique opportunities including (but not limited to):

  • Preferred restaurant bookings;
  • Rebates if they choose to upgrade their room;
  • Luxury options such as on-site spas and saunas.

This is just as relevant when referring to off-site options such as discounted tours at a local museum or guided excursions to nearby landmarks. It may even be possible for your hotel to accrue a small commission through such third-party options. Either way, guests can access these and other possibilities with the mere click of a button.



With apt mobile app development services, people can enjoy better, reliable, and faster services. Across industries, around the world, businesses are rapidly adapting to the emergence of new consumer expectations, which are influenced by the mobile evolution and thanks to the growing number of food and travel chains, catering to the infinite needs of the customers. Mobile will deliver opportunities to reach out to over 6 billion people, provide faster holiday & room bookings, add more touch points for revenue, and offer even more personalization for guests. 

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